Pillows With A Cleverly Hidden Message For Uninvited Guests

These are the Pearl Reveal Cushions designed and sold by Pardeep S. She came up with the idea after a neighbor kept stopping by uninvited and overstaying her welcome, which was zero seconds to begin with. Continue reading »

Rude Message To Donald Trump Appears As A Crop Circle On Stoke Mandeville Farm

The message has rather a naughty word in Russian (F**K), followed by Trump. Speaking to the farm owner, the crop circle has been manufactured as part of an art installation. It appears on the flight path that Donald Trump will take from London to Chequers. Continue reading »

Life Isn’t Black And White: Chinese Students Send Message With Creative Graduation Pose

A group of students from the School of Design at the University of South China took a series of striking graduation photos in self-made panda hats in Xiangyang city, Hunan Province on June 8, 2017. Continue reading »

Vegetarian Activists Push Message with Semi-Naked Women in Bloody Meat Packaging

Animal rights activists from the group “Animal Equality” are covered with plastic sheets to represent meat packaging as they stage a protest during “Day Without Meat” event in Barcelona, Spain, on March 20, 2013. (Emilio Morenatti/Lluis Gene/Albert Gea/Associated Press/AFP Photo/Reuters) Continue reading »