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20 Genius Church Signs That Will Make You Laugh And Think

While churches in Europe may be world-famous for their historical value and architecture, the ones in America are known for their notoriously funny and clever church signs.

Much like a store might write up a cheeky message on their sidewalk A-frame to entice people walking by to come inside, churches use humorous marquees to try and draw potential faithful in to fill their pews – or, now and then, just to put a smile on someone’s face who might need it. The trendier the joke, the more likely they are to appeal to young audiences.

Speaking of trends, one of the latest ones to hit Twitter happens to be posting pictures of sinfully funny church signs. Though we don’t necessarily agree with everything they say, we give them major points for creativity. Check out the best of the best church sign sayings, and see which ones deserve the most ‘praise.’

h/t: boredpanda

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