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Best Pictures From The Royal Air Force Photographic Competition 2018

Every year the Royal Air Force celebrates the skill and technical work of its professional and amateur photographers, and in its 100th year it will also have special amateur category, open to everyone. Traditionally there has always been an amateur category but this year it will be open to the general public, service dependents, families and cadets. Continue reading »

This Artist Creates Striking Photographic Posters Based On The Rooms And Props In Iconic Films


Jordan Bolton is a talented photographic poster artist from Manchester, UK, who creates intricate posters based on the rooms and props in iconic films. Each poster in the series, simply titled “Objects”, features dozens of key objects from the plot lines. Continue reading »

A Photographic Project On The Beauty And Connections Between Animals And Humans


Coexist” is a not-for-profit photographic project titled focusing on the beauty and connections between animals and humans with the aim to create public awareness of the lives of animals in captivity in circuses and zoos around the world. The images will feature a model posing in multiple shots alongside varied animals currently under the care of Zambi Wildlife Retreat in Sydney – an animal welfare establishment that rescues, rehabilitates and offers shelter to exotic, farm and native animals in need. Continue reading »

Plasticity And Dancing: Photographic Art By Sergey Sukhovey


Sergey Sukhovey, a former professional Russian sportsman, a martial arts master from Novosibirsk, now found himself in the photographic art. And, actually Sergey makes amazing soaring photos of dancers; dynamical and graceful. Continue reading »

Models Become Their Favorite Foods In Photographic Series


The picture, as we know, does not record smell. And that’s one of the good points for this (very) good food photography series. Looking at these models’ favorite food can be a temptation for the stomach. Continue reading »

My 365-Day Project Lets Me Explore Photographic Opportunities

Since Labor Day, 2014 photographer Mark Flower has been taking a photograph a day for a year.

“Although not all photos have been very interesting, I have allowed myself the opportunities to try new things. Through these opportunities I have shrunk myself, floated in the air, and even removed my head and replaced it with a camera. As a professional photographer and a graphic designer, I find it extremely important to allow myself these outlets to let my creative side shine. Otherwise, my job just would not maintain its level of interest. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love spending time getting to know new people through events such as weddings and portrait shoots. However, as far as photography goes I love the ability to create a world and scenarios which transcends the world we perceive.” Continue reading »

UK Army Photographic Competition

This stirring collection of photos which offer a glimpse behind the scenes of army life have all been selected as winners in an annual competition. The remarkable pictures in the Army Photographic Competition show Britain’s soldiers at work and play. They have been taken by amateur and professional soldier cameramen and include images from operations in Afghanistan, air shows and sporting events. The winners were announced at a ceremony held at the Army Headquarters in Andover in Hampshire. Here: “Fireball Flyers” by Corporal Jamie Peters which won Best Overall Image as voted for by the public; Army Photographic Competition, Britain, October 8, 2014. (Photo by Jamie Peters/MoD/Geoff Robinson Photography/REX Features)
Continue reading »