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Canadian Artist Transforms Herself Into Superman

Photo by Jeff McIntosh / The Canadian Press via AP Photo

Canadian artist Kay Pike poses for a photo after she transformed herself using body paint and latex into Superman at her home in Calgary, Alberta. The Canadian artist turns her body into different characters for an Internet audience. Continue reading »

The Secret Lives Of Superheroes – Batman vs Superman


To celebrate the launch of ‘Batman v Superman’, Colombian graphic artist Fulvio Obregon (previously) has created a new series of illustrations to imagine how superheroes stay fit and healthy during their days off. A sneak peak into their private lives. Continue reading »

Canada Mints New Superman Coins

To celebrate the 76 years of Superman, the Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Royal Canadian Mint have created four new collector coins featuring Superman from DC Comics. The decision to continue making these limited edition coins was made after the last year’s sale of Superman coins was a complete success. The newest four collector coins were crafted from gold and silver, after which the colors were applied by hand. Any true fan of superman would be delighted to own one of such coins to show off to his friends and buddies.
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Photo of the Day: Superman

An extreme motorcycle professional flies through the air during a motorcycle street show near India Gate in New Delhi. (Mirror Online) Click image to zoom.


A visitor photographs the knitted sculpture “Superman” by Patricia Waller, featuring the comic book character meeting death by his own superhuman ability to fly, in the “Broken Heroes” exhibition at the Deschler Gallery in Berlin, Germany. The exhibition of hand-crocheted comic, puppet and cartoon figures shows icons of pop culture in various unfortunate states. April 26, 2012. (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

iPad App Gives Users Superman-Style X-Ray Vision

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have X-ray vision? Well a new iPad app has made that possible.

From complex engines and sports bikes to the humble desk lamp and kitchen toaster, the ‘X is for X-Ray‘ app has 26 objects that only Superman’s X-ray vision could expect to reveal. Using new X-ray technologies Hugh Turvey, Artist in Residence at the Royal Institute for Radiology, mapped objects in three dimensions in both X-ray and solid form.

The X-ray app shows the insides of a toaster. (SPL) Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: Superman Dog

A dog performs during a comedy dog show at the pet fair in Barcelona. (Josep Lago / AFP/Getty Images)