iPad App Gives Users Superman-Style X-Ray Vision

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have X-ray vision? Well a new iPad app has made that possible.

From complex engines and sports bikes to the humble desk lamp and kitchen toaster, the ‘X is for X-Ray‘ app has 26 objects that only Superman’s X-ray vision could expect to reveal. Using new X-ray technologies Hugh Turvey, Artist in Residence at the Royal Institute for Radiology, mapped objects in three dimensions in both X-ray and solid form.

The X-ray app shows the insides of a toaster. (SPL)

The images come courtesy of Hugh Turvey, artist in residence at the Royal Institute for Radiology. (SPL)

This is how Superman would see a camera. (SPL)

Saddle up for a visual treat: A wheely unusual view of a bicycle. (SPL)

The iPad app shows us the internal workings of a beetle. (SPL)

A penknife in a whole new light. (SPL)

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