Mars Snow Globe Ditches Snow For Swirling Martian Dust Storm

Designer, Dan Abramson (previously), is at it again with the Mars Dust Globe, a modern twist on the classic water snow globe, where the snow is a mesmerizing Martian Dust Storm. Continue reading »

Your Very Own Opossum: An Adorable Opossum Plush, Screaming Just For You

Do you, like me, love opossums, but hate dealing with all the mess and stress of capturing a wild opossum and bringing it into your home? Do you hate how it won’t stop hissing at you and digging through your trash? Stress no longer, as the plush, inanimate opossum of your dreams has finally arrived! Continue reading »

An Official Ozzy Osbourne Bat Plushie With Removable Head

To celebrate the 37th anniversary of biting the head off a dead bat that was thrown on stage at a Des Moines, Iowa concert (and make some money in the process), this is the $40 *spit-takes blood* 12-inch bat plushie with removable head available from Ozzy Osbourne’s online store. Continue reading »

Blaha, A Plush Shark From IKEA, Is A New Hysteria Trend On Internet

Plush shark Blåhaj (Blaha) has attracted the customers, the Swedish furniture company a long time ago. But after they first took sale, and then again returned to the stores after the signing of the petition buyers, toys began to gain popularity in social networks. Some users have used sharks as a demonstration of their mood, and some even started to Blaha own Instagram pages.

Anyway, these sharks really damn charismatic. Continue reading »