Mars Snow Globe Ditches Snow For Swirling Martian Dust Storm

Designer, Dan Abramson (previously), is at it again with the Mars Dust Globe, a modern twist on the classic water snow globe, where the snow is a mesmerizing Martian Dust Storm.

Features detailed texture of Valles Marineris, the Tharsis volcanoes, and Olympus Mons – the solar system’s tallest known planetary peak. Sculpted by the talented, Tim Barry.

More: Kickstarter h/t: neatorama

“My dream is to get the children of Earth excited and curious about space exploration. We humans are on the edge of unknown frontiers, and my contribution to space innovation will be a snow globular one! I’ve made a batch in my studio, so I’ve already worked out the kinks. Now, I need funding to make my next run at a legitimate snow globe factory. This globe is the first of an entire suite of space toys I plan to make,” he wrote.

The globe had to not only achieve a great swirl, but it also had to eventually settle and become clear. Adding too much material would stain the water, and too little was no longer stunning.

“For my prototype version, I used an off-the-shelf aluminum air vent for the base, and sand blasted away the chrome coating. But that was too expensive and challenging to preserve without getting gnarly fingerprints all over it. So the final version will be a more perfect cylinder (made of metallic painted plastic).”

Here’s a sneak peak at what the packaging might look like.

Every mission needs an embroidered fabric mission patch! Celebrate an optimistic future where we’ve colonized the Red Planet.

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