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Your Very Own Opossum: An Adorable Opossum Plush, Screaming Just For You

Do you, like me, love opossums, but hate dealing with all the mess and stress of capturing a wild opossum and bringing it into your home? Do you hate how it won’t stop hissing at you and digging through your trash? Stress no longer, as the plush, inanimate opossum of your dreams has finally arrived!

This adorably soft little fella is about the size of your average juvenile opossum– a body length of 8 inches, with a cute pink 5-inch tail. It stands on stubby little legs at a height of 5.5 inches tall, a perfect size for scurrying under your couch in fear. Except it won’t, because it isn’t real, and can never run away from you.

Created by Abby Howard. She is also a creator of the webcomics Junior Scientist Power Hour and The Last Halloween. Author and illustrator of the educational graphic novel series Earth Before Us. Lover of cats and snakes.

More: Kickstarter, Abby Howard, Instagram

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