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Photographer Alper Yesiltas Spent 12 Years Shooting This Window Until Owners Demolished The Building


Istanbul photographer and lawyer Alper Yesiltas spent 12 years shooting the same window in different seasons until the owner demolished the building. Continue reading »

A Non-Standard Architectural Solution: This Cubic Window Is Like a Passage to A Parallel World

How cool does this corner window installation look?! Sure it’s impractical and was probably a structural nightmare for the engineer, but look! It’s a cubic window! Continue reading »

The Sky Swimming Pool At This Hotel Has A Window In It

Photo by Alex Filz

When noa* (network of architecture), were asked to re-design Hotel Hubertus that sits at the foot of a ski and hiking area in Valdaora, Italy, they included a new 82 foot (25m) swimming pool. The pool sits almost 40 feet (12m) above the ground and is located between the two accommodation wings of the hotel. The infinity edge pool allows guests to have uninterrupted views of the valley below and the mountains in the distance. The pool has been wrapped in anthracite-colored stone, almost making the pool blend into mountains that surround it. Continue reading »

“Secret Window, Secret Garden”: Dreamlike Photography By Shaina Sterrett

Shaina Sterrett is a talented young self-taught photographer and digital artist currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Shaina shoots a lot of fine art, portrait, urban, adventure and street photography. Continue reading »

“Secret Window, Secret Beach”: The Desk Areas In This Home Have Little Windows To Distract You With Views Of The Beach

Photography by Moris Moreno

When Traction Architecture were designing this beachfront home in Anna Maria, Florida, they included little wood-framed windows in two of the desk areas, that perfectly frame the view of the beach, allowing you to daydream when you should be working or studying. Continue reading »

These “More Sky” Window Concepts Give Small Apartment Dwellers Some Outdoor Time From Within Their Homes


Architect and designer Aldana Ferrer Garcia, has created More Sky, a variety of window concepts that allow people living in apartments to experience more sunlight in a unique way.
Continue reading »

SAN KAKU MADO: The “Playful Window Mosaic”, A Small Toy With Endless Possibilities


According to designer Samira Boon: “The San Kaku Mado is a toy that can be played anywhere as long as you have a window to stick it to. It consists of a single form and material and sticks without glue.” Continue reading »

Pejac Paints Mesmerizing ‘Eye Trap’ Window and Keyhole Illusions on the Streets of Istanbul

Talented Spanish street artist Pejac just stopped by Istanbul where he painted three new trompe-l’œil pieces in the district of Uskudar titled Lock, Poster and Shutters. Continue reading »

SuperHero Window Cleaning

Window washers from the American National Skyline company (from left to right in the image below: Jordan Emerson, Steve Oszaniec and Danny Oszaniec) suit up as Marvel Comics superheroes to pleasantly surprise the children (who are patients) and their families inside as the dressed up crew cleans the outside of the windows at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis. Photo credits: Brandon Dill. Continue reading »

Window of the World: Europe Made in China

“Window of the World” is photo project by Pablo Conejo, a photographer from Spain, that shows you the most amazing architecture and landscape replicas of Europe, made in China.

Following the replicas subject around China I came across a themed park called “Window of the World”, located in Shenzhen. There are about 130 reproductions of the World’s most famous architectural icons. Among these monuments visitors can find a 108 metres tall Eiffel Tower, a Taj Mahal, a Vatican, a Niagara Falls, a Versailles Palace, a Mont Rushmor, a Christ the Redeemer and so on.

“Germany” Continue reading »

Computer Window Wall Sticker

So others claim that you can’t differentiate between real life and the virtual world in your computer anymore? They can’t be right, can they?

To make the difference crystal clear for you and them, we designed the Computer Window Wall Sticker. This looks like a window on your computer and has the inscription, “Outside World – Real life 2.0,” with a globe icon next to it. Just apply the stickers around or on a real window of your home and no mix-ups are possible anymore.

With this sticker set, the computer window has a maximum hight of 2.2m and a maximum width of 2m. Since it comes in sections, you can fit it to all smaller-sized windows.

With the Computer Window Wall Sticker, you can decorate your home in a very geeky way—and you finally know what’s behind this piece of glass…