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Computer Window Wall Sticker

So others claim that you can’t differentiate between real life and the virtual world in your computer anymore? They can’t be right, can they?

To make the difference crystal clear for you and them, we designed the Computer Window Wall Sticker. This looks like a window on your computer and has the inscription, “Outside World – Real life 2.0,” with a globe icon next to it. Just apply the stickers around or on a real window of your home and no mix-ups are possible anymore.

With this sticker set, the computer window has a maximum hight of 2.2m and a maximum width of 2m. Since it comes in sections, you can fit it to all smaller-sized windows.

With the Computer Window Wall Sticker, you can decorate your home in a very geeky way—and you finally know what’s behind this piece of glass…

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