Unusual Jobs for Famous Writers


One could thing that James Joyce was successful instantly, from his first book. And what about Stephen King or F. Scott Fitzgerald? These illustrations depict vividly that every great writer is also a human. Moreover, they describe where all this famous writers started from. Joyce, for instance, was an artist in a wider sense composing melodies, playing the piano and performing. King was a high school Janitor and Fitzgerald was worked in an advertising agency.

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Products of The Day #467

No more remembering combinations, codes, or keys, Noke U-Lock allows you to lock and unlock your bike with your smartphone. With the app, available for Bluetooth iOS, Android, and Windows devices, Noke U-Lock only unlocks when your unique code has been entered and you’re close to your bike. Also with the app you can share access and limit your friends’ usage with a predetermined schedule. Noke U-Lock effortlessly snaps into place and can be left on your bike during your ride with the conveniently included bike mount.

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Take A Look At This Cute Adopted Cat With Funny Markings


“I was looking for a cat that would be a good company for my other two cats. Some day I found Witek at one of the cat-adopting-foundations. I fell in love with him immediately. This is a short story about how Witek came to our home.”, said Magdalena, a pet owner, to Bored Panda.

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50 Awesome and Colorful Photoshoots of the 1970s Fashion and Style Trends


The 1970’s fashion, often called the “Mc Decade”, began with a continuation of the mini skirts, bell-bottoms, and the androgynous hippie look from the late 1960s and eventually became one of the most iconic decades for fashion ever.

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Amazing Animal Ski Masks By Teya Salat


With the winter months fast approaching, the balaclava is a key piece of kit to keep your face warm, or to rob a bank. 22-year-old Russian tattoo model Teya Salat may not be a thief, but her stylish, animal-themed balaclavas have stolen our hearts and opened our wallets!

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Cute Self-Watering Animal Planters


These adorable ceramic animals will prevent you from being a plant-killer! Capillary action, first documented by Leonardo Da Vinci but only recently made cute, draws water up a piece of rope hidden in the animal-held-straw into the soil held in each critter’s pack. When the soil is completely wet, it ceases to soak up water from the string until it dries out.

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Artist Uses Cardboard to Create Full-Scale Replica of Her Grandfather’s 1979 Lincoln Continental


Artist Shannon Goff constructed her Miles to Empty exhibition so that she could pay homage to a quintessential American car that also serves as a personal memory of her grandfather. Using cardboard as her medium, Goff recreated the special edition 1979 Lincoln Continental, which features an impressively detailed interior.

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Designer Transforms One Dollar Thrift Store Clothes Into Trendy Outfits


A few years ago, fashionista Jillian Owens decided that she wanted to change how the world approaches fashion. Finding herself both disheartened by the rise of fashion giants with unethical labor practices, plus a bit broke at the time, the South Carolina-based writer and designer began exploring local thrift stores to find pieces of discarded clothing that has fabulous possibilities.

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Grill steaks to perfection and make BBQ fun with these Equipments

By using the power of Char-broil’s TRU Infrared technology, the Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 has made it easy for you to grill your food to perfection even when you’re on the go. The grill comes with a high-impact frame that has legs and carry handles. This makes the entire accessory super portable and very easy to carry around. Be it for tailgating, camping or for simple road trips, the Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 can accompany your BBQ needs everywhere you go.

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Hillary White Puts Pop Culture in Classic Art

The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Bird

We look at a lot of pop culture mashups here, but there’s just something about the mashups of illustrator Hillary White, probably because they show a clear knowledge of art history and technique. And then they use that knowledge to put Muppets, Star Wars, Voltron, and Silent Hill characters and more in famous paintings, like Domenichino’s The Maiden and the Unicorn.

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Products of The Day #466

Get the most out of your bike ride with Hammerhead One Bike Navigation. Resembling the outline of a hammerhead shark, this handlebar navigation system is sleek and looks great on any bike. Using intuitive and easy to see light signals, the Hammerhead One gives you turn by turn directions in your periphery so you can keep your eyes on the road.

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Epic Photos Of The Natural Disasters Around The World

A Qantas Boeing 737-800 plane flies through heavy rain as a storm moves towards the city of Sydney, Australia, November 6, 2015. Powerful storms swept across the city on Friday, with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology issuing a warning for severe thunderstorms with large hailstones, heavy rainfall and damaging winds, local media reported. (Photo by David Gray/Reuters)

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Historical Figures Hilariously Share Their Instagram Photos


So we stumbled across, Histagrams a satirical blog dedicated to documenting the history of the world entirely on Instagram. Imagine an alternative universe whereby the likes of Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Steve Jobs all had an Instagram account. What would they take photos of? What username would they pick? And more importantly which filters if any would they use? These are the important questions in life, but thanks to the wit and creativity of Histagrams, we’re able to give you an insight into what their Instagrammifications might have been like.

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Photography by Fabrizio Albertini

Fabrizio Albertini

Fabrizio Albertini is a talented photographer and filmmaker, who was born in 1984 in Italy and currently based in Cannobio, Lake Maggiore‎. He graduated in film direction at Conservatorio Internazionale di Scienze Audiovisive (Lugano, Switzerland).

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Amazing Animal Wine Stands by WoodKO


Christmas is coming, the holiday season is upon us! Are you looking for some wine gifts? Well, here is some amazing wine accessories for you. This wooden wine racks are high quality products. Admiration of your friends and family guaranteed.

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