Cute Wildlife Photography by Edwin Kats

1388772672 1 640x426 Cute Wildlife Photography by Edwin Kats
Dutch photographer Edwin Kats is able to photograph small animals in an utterly charming way. Within a radius of 10 miles from his house he photographs squirrels and hedgehogs on the ground.

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Air To The Throne Series by Clog Two

001 air throne series clog Air To The Throne Series by Clog Two

Anti-analog illustration tribute to Nike AirMax90 by Clog Two.

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Perivolas Hotel by Costis Psychas

002 perivolas hotel costis psychas 650x432 Perivolas Hotel by Costis Psychas

Located on the Greek island of Santorini, this beautiful luxurious hotel featuring amazing Aegean views was designed in 2012 by Costis Psychas.

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V8 Wet Rod by Strand Craft

rod 1 650x433 V8 Wet Rod by Strand Craft
The team at Strand Craft has packed a 300 horsepower V8 engine into their beautifully crafted luxury jet ski dubbed the Wet Rod.

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Beautiful Sorapot by Joey Roth

tea 1 650x433 Beautiful Sorapot by Joey Roth
Designer Joey Roth has created the beautiful Sorapot, a see-through teapot that lets tea fans watch their leaves brew in front of their eyes.

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The Most Beautiful Caves in the World

cave 0 The Most Beautiful Caves in the World
Caves are absolutely fascinating, but with such a large number of them out there waiting to be explored, how do you find the ones worth your while? Well we’ve outlined the 18 best caves on the planet.

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Small Architecture Now!

small architecture now large 650x444 Small Architecture Now!

Over the years, talented architects have occasionally indulged themselves with the challenge of designing small but perfectly formed buildings. Today, with reduced budgets, many architects have turned in a more focused way to creating works that may be in diminutive in their dimensions, but which are definitely big when it comes to trendsetting ideas…

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clockone twelve24 large 650x761 ClockONE

ClockONE, designed by Twelve24, is a beautiful minimal digital wall clock as thin as a sheet of paper….

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Emil Boards

emil boards large 650x830 Emil Boards

Emil designs boards as pure as possible. Square shape, no convex, no concave, no rocker, no camber, and of course no batteries. Emil is a board with wheels, not more, but by no means less! They tackle the path back to basics, referring to the first days of skateboarding history, always keeping in mind to not just produce a slick, but even well performing product. Made of layered maple wood and fixed to modern trucks and wheels, our decks are back to the future! With Emil you can enjoy a relaxed ride through town or have a kick-ass surf on the sidewalk.

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Eight | Natural Acoustic Amplifier

eight natural acoustic amplifier large 650x761 Eight | Natural Acoustic Amplifier

The sound of the build-in microphone and speaker of your iPhone is separated. Inspired by the shape of an ear, conically shaped chambers produce the perfect natural sound.

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Inspiring Art by PastyWhite

010 inspiring art pastywhite Inspiring Art by PastyWhite

Set of inspiring digital illustrations by PastyWhite.

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HT Apartment by Landmak Architecture

001 ht apartment landmak architecture 650x433 HT Apartment by Landmak Architecture

Playful 893 sq ft apartment situated on the 11th floor of an old condominium building in Vietnam. It was designed in 2014 by Landmak Architecture.

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Australis Pro

hft australis 00 650x317 Australis Pro

Australis Pro is a trim and proper professional font, a sleek businessman without the grease, and only a little time for tradition. Australis Pro prefers to do things a new way, not by being unique, but by setting the new standards for fonts to work by. With links to traditional Roman style fonts, but with modern twists, Australis Pro is a go to font for something a little different, but with all the association of professionalism and tradition.

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Album Cover Collages by Christian Marclay

1388766188 1 640x645 Album Cover Collages by Christian Marclay
Christian Marclay is a Swiss, New York-based modern artist and composer. Christian came up with an idea to create funny collages from music album covers.

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Digital Illustrations by KenShjn Park

003 digital illustrations kenshjn park Digital Illustrations by KenShjn Park

KenShjn Park is a young 23-year-old digital artist / illustrator based in Vietnam specializing in manga / fanart art. Below, you may scroll through several hot pieces selected from his portfolio. Enjoy!

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