Home Extension by Adam Wiercinski

Home Extension by Adam Wiercinski

Later this year, Adam Wiercinski plans to redesign and extend a single family residence located in the Polish town of Leszno.

Below you may scroll through the project visualizations.

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Top 50 Best Online Shops and Key Marketing Tactics to Learn

What makes an ecommerce store successful? What secret formula do you have to follow to increase your sales? We’ve teamed up with SHOPPIES and selected the next 50 sites for their flawless design, great customer service, unique ideas or just because they deliver an unforgettable experience to their visitors.

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4 Free T-shirt Mock-up Templates

Free version of T-Shirt Mock Ups from Mockup Zone. Download from Dealjumbo and enjoy :) This item includes 4 Free Mock Up Scenes.

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Beautiful Minimalist Photography by Matt Crump

Just by looking at Matt Crump‘s photos you will understand why he is considered a “Candyman of Minimalism”.

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Awesome Digital Art by Emily Chen

Awesome Digital Art by Emily Chen

Emily Chen is currently a second year transfer student at Rhode Island School of Design. She is a self taught artist, and enjoys working primarily with character art. Her primary artistic inspirations include: Sakimichan, Artgerm, Bouguereau, Rembrant, and Tyler Edlin. Below you may take a look at some of her artworks.

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Portraits of Animals by Lukas Holas

Portraits of Animals by Lukas Holas

Set of beautiful black and white animal portrait photography by Lukas Holas.

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The Life of an Aging Superhero by Andreas Englund

Artist Andreas Englund, through his series of oil paintings called Aging Superhero, is taking us into the life of a superhero who has had better days in his life.

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Brown Cabin by D’arcy Jones Architecture

Brown Cabin by D'arcy Jones Architecture

This 1,200 sq ft midcentury cabin was designed in 2014 by D’arcy Jones Architecture. It’s situated in Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

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The Bicycle Bar by Openspace

Thematic bar for urban cyclists - The Bicycle by Openspace - HomeWorldDesign (11)
The Bicycle is a very interesting thematic bar, located in the old historical center of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, designed, as its name implies. This project was carried out by Openspace design studio and its interior design theme is “the bicycle”. The owners of the bar tell us that “the bar design concept started from the idea of recycling bike parts in order to achieve an unconventional space, unique, where the furniture is handcrafted from vintage bicycles”.

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Sweets Organized by Color by Emily Blincoe

Photographer Emily Blincoe created a series of photos where she organizes sweets by color. The series is called Sugar Series.

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“Havanna Cabs” – Portraits Portraits of Old-Model Taxis in Modern-Day Cuba by Thomas Meinicke

Havanna Cabs Pt.1

German photojournalist Thomas Mcinicke’s beautiful portraits of old-model taxis in modern-day Cuba offer artful insight into the island nation’s daily life. The shots are angled from above, as if the onlooker is gazing down at a bustling street from a Havana balcony. The portraits showcase the great variety of private vehicles that capital residents turned into taxis, using them as private income sources and handing them down through generations.

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Milano’s Profiles by Francesco Paleari

Twenty-year-old Milan-based photographer and student Francesco Paleari created a spectacular series of photographs with double exposure entitled Milano’s Profiles.

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65 Handcrafted Fonts + 200 Handcrafted Ornaments – only $29!

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Makeup Artist Lianne Moseley Transforms Ordinary People Into Superheroes


Canadian makeup artist Lianne Moseley has been transforming ordinary people into awesome comic book characters and superheroes, such as Wolverine, Hulk, and Captain Planet. Putting her makeup skills to use, Moseley has created an incredible, pop art effect with just face paint, making her models look as if they were in “costume”.

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Fine Art Photography by Helen Sobiralski

Helen Sobiralski

Helen Sobiralski is a talented freelance photographer and artist based in Berlin, Germany. She received her design diploma from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund.

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