Lo-Lo The Capsular Microkitchen

Lo-Lo The Capsular Microkitchen by Aotta Studio - www.homeworlddesign. com (1)
Lo-Lo The Capsular Microkitchen is a collection of pieces of furniture made by Aotta Studio from Moscow, Russia, which can be very useful as office supplies and more. Each module is designed to be the support for one of the appliances used in offices: espresso machine, water machine, tea or microwave.

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30 Free New Icon Sets for January 2015

In this article, you will find 30 free new icon sets for January 2015. You’ll definitely find at least 30 free fresh icon sets that completely free to use for commercial as well as your personal projects, including software, mobile apps, website, online services, templates and themes.

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17 Free New HTML Template for January 2015

Everyone loves free HTML Website Template as it gives us a chance to explore through a designers work and it will inspire us to create new designs. Otherwise, Using free html website templates is a great starting point for websites that are just starting out or running on a low budget. In this post we have showcased 17 free HTML template for January 2015 that you can download for free. Speed up your design process by taking inspiration from these free responsive HTML templates we gathered from around the web!

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30 Free New PSD Web Templates for January 2015

In this post we have showcased 30 free new PSD website templates for January 2015 that you can download for free. These templates were designed by professional designers and handpicked from trusted sources from all around the web. You can edit colors, images, fonts, background, wording, and any other design element you want. Click on the relevant links to download them for free.Please check out the license / terms and conditions of each website template before using them for your website.

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Products of The Day #296

Designed by Emiliana Design Studio for Domestic, the Measuring Paris Wall Sticker adds an interesting visual touch to your kid’s height analyser. It displays one of the most famous monuments of the world in your kid’s room with height markers on the side.

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Point of View – Identity Concept

POINT OF VIEW project is a cultural educational portal on contemporary art with its own online gallery. The portal on exclusive rights of authors publishes and sells artworks related to contemporary art such as paintings, photographs, prints, sculptures, decorative items, art installation etc.

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New 3D Mural Painting by Street Artist Leon Keer In A Parking Lot in Almere // Netherlands


Check out this new 3d mural painting by dutch artist Leon Keer, commissioned by LeasePlan Almere/Netherlands. An anamorphic technique has been used on the left wall to get an amazing 3d effect. The mural was painted in the parking lot of the company.

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“Distant Natures”

Photographer Manuel Alvarez Diestro captures Hong Kong’s surreal landscape. This is absolutely fantastic!

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Energy Geeks: The Future of Efficient Energy Consumption

Electric cars sit charging in a parking garage at the University of California, Irvine January 26, 2015. “The Irvine Smart Grid Demonstration”, a $79 million project funded half by federal stimulus money and half by Edison and partners like UC Irvine, was launched in 2010. The $12 billion utility’s research team Southern California Edison is testing everything from charging electronic vehicles via cell phone to devices that smooth out the power created by rooftop solar panels. Those are some of the roughly 60 projects in the works at Edison’s Advanced Technology division. It has a small $19 million annual budget, but its influence far exceeds that. (Photo by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

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1OR2 by April and May + Norm Architects


1OR2 is a minimalist house located in The Netherlands, designed by April and May + Norm Architects. The store opened in September this year and Norm Architects have taken care of the design of the 1OR2 cafe where an open structure and a Japanese/Scandinavian feeling were the key words in the design process. In the cafe one can experience all the products of Menu and sit down to enjoy some delicious coffee and chocolates.

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Clinica da Vila by Duarte Caldas


Clinica da Vila is a minimalist house located in Ericeira, Portugal, designed by Duarte Caldas. The project consists of the refurbishment of an existing shop in downtown Ericeira into a Dentist Clinic for a young doctor. The concept was developed around a fresh and comfortable aesthetic of the space. DCA developed the planning alterations of the interior space, designed all fixed furniture and developed the light design.

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34 Amazing Free Icons Sets – January 2015 Edition

Nowadays, icons are a vital part of web designing. Icons help us capture user’s attention and direct them to the corresponding content. Icons can help the visitors to easily navigate through the site and reach to the desired content. Moreover, icons are an important element of an effective and attractive web design. Effective usage of icons can tremendously improve the experience of your visitors. In this article we are featuring many Amazing Free Icons Sets that you can freely use in your designs. These icons are vector icons so they can be scaled to any size.

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Georgia May Jagger Is The New Face For Mulberry

Georgia May Jagger is the ultimate English rose in Mulberry’s Spring 2015 campaign, shot by photog duo Inez and Vinoodh.

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Coffee Around the World


Most of us need coffee at the start of a day, though how many of us know what are the available recipes for a coffee? Well, it is relatively safe to say that one knows what Cafe Au Lait from France is, or what an Irish Coffee looks and tastes like. But who knows all the ingredients and the actual recipe of these coffees? And even worse, who can prepare a Portugal’s Mazargan or the Vietnamese Ca Phe Sua Da?

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Impressive Landscape Photography by Loic Le Quéré

Loic Le Quéré is a professional Paris-based photo retoucher with 15 years of experience. The photography is his hobby. He is especially good at making landscape photography.

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