Daily Gadget Inspiration #158

Bedtime Story Bookmark Daily Gadget Inspiration #158
Showcase your style of reading till your pass out with these quirky styled Bedtime Story Bookmarks that look way different from the boring ones you’ve seen till date. Those eerie pair of feet popping out from your last read page may often scare your fellow readers but you can’t deny the fact that it does look trendy that way.

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BMD for Lucky Brand by BMD

001 bmd lucky brand bmd BMD for Lucky Brand by BMD

Cool typographic artworks by BMD for Lucky Brand.

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Luxurious Residence by Saraiva + Associados

010 luxurious residence saraiva associados 650x433 Luxurious Residence by Saraiva + Associados

Designed by Saraiva + Associados in 2011, this luxurious single family residence is situated in the Brazilian city of Nova Lima.

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A Magical Tokyo in Takashi Kitajima Photographs

1388941948 1 640x424 A Magical Tokyo in Takashi Kitajima Photographs
In this amazing series, Tokyo-based photographer Takashi Kitajima using the bokeh technique blurs the details of buildings and bridges of Tokyo to obtain beautiful abstract landscapes.

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Girl With Hat by Attila Udvardi

001 girl hat attila udvardi Girl With Hat by Attila Udvardi

Beautiful fashion portrait photography by Hungarian artist / photographer Attila Udvardi.

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Modernist House by DSID

002 modernist house dsid 650x432 Modernist House by DSID

Beautiful modernist house designed by DSID and located in Melbourne, Australia.

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Free Retro Print Toolkit v.1

preview12 650x432 Free Retro Print Toolkit v.1
This free bundle features 3 different retro/vintage style print templates from Jumbo Design. All these templates are completely print ready! Just customize to your needs and ship off to your printer.

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QUANT E-Sportlimousine

quant e sportlimousine large 650x444 QUANT E Sportlimousine

Built around an extremely stable monocoque composed of carbon-fibre structures, the four-seater with gull-wing doors is an innovative and intelligent vehicle concept for electrical mobility. The two-metre long gull-wing doors give access to both front and back seats…

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The Genie Is A Smartphone Activated Door Lock

lock 1 650x433 The Genie Is A Smartphone Activated Door Lock
Genie lets you unlock/lock your door from anywhere in the world, meaning you can grant access to any of your friends, family, housekeeper, etc while you’re on vacation.

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Mac Pro Go Case

mac pro go case large 650x444 Mac Pro Go Case

Super Power on the Go. The Mac Pro Go Case protects Apple’s powerful computer in transit. The soft, cushy, cashmere-like interior cradles the Mac Pro like a baby and the rugged ballistic nylon exterior protects it from bumps & scratches. It holds the Mac Pro, the Apple wireless keyboard, a mouse, cables and power cord. Accessories are stored in a disc pouch placed at the top of the case. With the Mac Pro case, video editors, gamers, developers and big power users can now take their power with them in an appropriate shoulder bag.

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Classic Lamborghini Countach Hits Auction Block

lam  650x433 Classic Lamborghini Countach Hits Auction Block
Want a chance to own one of the most classic, beloved vehicles on the automotive scene? Well now’s your chance as this 1979 Lamborghini Countach LP400S Series I has hit the auction block.

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Tsovet SVT-GR44 Chronograph

tsovet svt gr44 large 650x817 Tsovet SVT GR44 Chronograph

The “Limited Edition” SVT-GR44 Chronograph, driven by the Valjoux 7750 elaborated mechanical caliber, housed within a sophisticated gun metal, 44 mm aerospace-grade 316l stainless steel case, ensuring precision timekeeping. Effortlessly observed under the refined sapphire crystal are sandwiched dial layers, distinct matte finish indicator hands with luminous time function and bold numerical representations. Each watch is limited and individually numbered 01 to 51.

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The Best Road Bikes

bike 11 The Best Road Bikes
When you’re really looking to explore the open road while also getting a great workout, you might want to invest in a good road bike. We’ve scoured the market, and rounded up the 6 best options, just for you.

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Zoku Ice Coffee Maker

zoku iced coffee maker large Zoku Ice Coffee Maker

Zoku makes it easier than ever to chill out with a cool cup of perfectly iced java—no matter how hot the weather gets. Just pour fresh-brewed coffee into this innovative grab-and-go container, then slip on the special insulating sleeve. In just minutes, your drink will be chilled to perfection. Great for iced tea, too!

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Ingimage: 20 image credit pack

ingimage poster Ingimage: 20 image credit pack
Ingimage are offering 86% off their 20 image credit pack, buy today for only $28 – (usually $198)

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