The Amazingly Detailed Living Pictures That Show How Scenes Throughout History May Really Have Looked

Have you ever felt frustrated that photography was invented too late to give you a glimpse of some of your favourite historical events?

Well, if you are a fan of Britain’s struggle for democracy and equality, a free exhibition in Bradford is here to help.

Ways Of Looking, a city-wide photography festival features some of Red Saunders’ finest works.The artist specialises in huge ‘tableaux vivants’ (living pictures) where he gets dozens of actors to recreate moments from British history including the English Civil War, the Chartist movement and the Peasants’ Revolt.

Historical ‘evidence’: Leveller Women in the English Revolution, 1647 is one of Red Saunders’ ‘tableaux vivants’ which recreates famous – and not so famous – scenes from the past.

Dark subjects: This picture is called Wat Tyler and the Peasant’s Revolt, 1381. The detail Saunders goes to – and the number of models he uses is inspiring.

Close-up: You could spend hours infront of each photo, which are all displayed at Impressions Gallery in Bradford, admiring the different characters.

Race relations: William Cuffay and the London Chartists, 1842, shows the Chartist leader organising the rally promoting workers’ rights.

New paintings: These pictures of Hilda of Whitby, a 7th century abbess and pioneer of women’s education (left) and the agricultural Swing Riots of 1830 are two of Red Saunders’ most recent photographs.

Behind the scenes: Red Saunders, left, at the Levellers photo shoot.

Attention to detail: Saunders needs all his subjects to hold the correct pose at the right time.

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