Ukrainian Mum Reveals Her Quintuplets In Heart-Warming Photo Series

37-year-old Oksana Kobeletskaya from Odessa had surprised Ukraine by giving birth to 5 babies on July 24th, 2016 in city maternity centre. A birth of quintuplets is believed to be a unique case for Ukraine. After an easy pregnancy she successfully delivered two girls and three boys via c-section.

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She and her husband discovered the surprising fact during the first ultrasound check. The pair has one child already, a 3-year-old daughter. Thus, now they are parents of 6 kids.

Ukrainian couple had given names to their babies the same day they were born: Aleksandra, Dariya, Denis, Vladislav and David. Happy parents were presented with a 5 bedroom apartment from Odessa city officials after they welcomed their five new arrivals. Proud parents to five new born babies have shared heart-warming photos of the quintuplets for the first time.

“Denis, Vlad, David, Sasha and Dasha pleasantly surprised us, because in their 2 months it was easier to work with them than we expected – kids slept sweetly, and we have created a wonderful story of love and friendship, which, I am sure began in a mother’s tummy for them and their parents “- photographer Julia Guseva shared her emotions on Instagram.

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