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What a Bunch of Bright Sparks

A group of skydivers have taken their hobby to an extreme level by setting off fireworks as they leap from planes.

Pyrotechnic skydiving is the latest craze in extreme sports and now a team of four divers activate fireworks strapped to their legs as they fall at speeds of up to 120mph.

Team Fastrax are high performance skydivers used to throwing themselves out of planes and creating shapes in the sky.

Unlike ordinary dives, Team Fastrax’s latest act includes an added element of danger, with giant sticks of gunpowder attached to the divers’ ankles firing sparks everywhere.

Founded in 2002 the team has performed all over the world.

The world’s largest commercial skydiving team competes and performs at the highest level, and has won awards at World Cups, US Nationals and various foreign events.

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