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Powerlifting Pastor Kevin Fast


Kevin Fast, 51, holds several Guinness World Records including the heaviest plane pulled by a man and has lifted 22 women with his back. The Reverend Dr Kevin Fast is officially God’s gift to powerlifting after being named as the world’s strongest priest.


The Canadian pastor, 51, has been performing incredible stunts of heavy lifting for years after being inspired by 19th Century strongman Louis Cyr.


He holds several Guinness World Records including the heaviest aircraft pulled by a man, which weighed in at a whopping 189 tonnes, heaviest truck pulled by an arm wrestling move, heaviest vehicle pulled over 100ft and the longest duration holding 500kg with the shoulders.


Other feats include pulling a fire engine over 100ft, hauling a 40-tonne house down a road and lifting 22 women with his back.


He competes professionally in Highland style games in North America when not conducting duties such as weddings and baptisms at St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Canada.


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