Victorian Wars: Star Wars Characters As You’ve Never Seen Them Before

These artworks by Canadian illustrator Terry Fan, take some of the most popular characters from the original trilogy of Star Wars movies and give them a steampunk twist.

Some of the characters’ titles are translated to their real-world equivalents, while others receive new positions that still make sense. The protocol droid C-3PO becomes a baron, fitting for his dapper demeanor. Meanwhile the 900-year-old Jedi Master Yoda becomes a “Sir”, the title used for knighthood. Lord Vader barely even needs a name change, since he’s already a Sith lord. Also featuring are Boba Fett as a general, Chewbacca as a chancellor, a Stormtrooper as a sergeant and R2D2 as a Duke.

Baron von C3PO and Sir Yodington

Lord Vadersworth and Sgt Stormly

Chancellor Chewman and General Fettson

Baron von C3PO and Duke R2D2

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