Keep Your Smartphone Charged with The PowerBar

If you’ve been wishing for an easy way to charge your smartphone when you’re on the go, look no further because now you can with this portable PowerBar smartphone charger. Simply, plug your PowerBar into your smartphone and the charging will begin. Never have your smartphone die on your again with this powerful little portable charger!

The PowerBar is small, light and sturdy… all while packing a punch. It’s built of sleek aluminum and is quality assured by Battery On The Go. Whether you’re on a long flight or simply out all day, having the PowerBar means you don’t have to worry about how much charge you have left! This portable charger works great and is built to last and its USB charging feature makes it extremely easy to use.

We hate when our smartphone dies and now thanks for Battery On the Go, we never have to worry about it again. This little device will definitely buy you the time so you don’t need to “run” home to charge your smartphone. It’s a true game changer.

The Ultimate Portable Battery Charger + FREE USA Shipping!

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