This Artist’s Photos of Mixed-Race Families Prove That Relationships Trump All Borders

“Mixed Blood” shows just some of many interracial families around the world. Unfortunately, there are still many societal factors that discourage ethnic, racial, and cultural mixing. These racist and xenophobic attitudes are still a cancer to society.

As mixing gradually goes mainstream, people have begun to identify and relate to the world and each other in different ways.

To document this mixing and the intersections of different cultures, Korean-American photographer CYJO spent three years between New York City and Beijing taking pictures of families. What came out of this exploration of race, culture and identity is an ongoing photo series called “Mixed Blood.”

Snodgrass Family, 2013. Citizenships: American, Chinese. Ancestries: German, Han Chinese, Irish. Languages: English, Mandarin. They live in Beijing. (All photos & captions © CYJO)

Chandola Family, 2013. Citizenships: Indian, Korean. Ancestries: Indian, Korean. Languages: English, Korean, Mandarin, Hindi. They live in Beijing. © CYJO 2013

Doyle Family, 2010. Citizenship: American. Ancestries: African, American Indian, Creole, Cuban, French, Irish. Languages: English, Spanish, French. They live in New York. © CYJO

Egbuna Levin Family, 2010. Citizenships: American, Nigerian. Ancestries: Nigerian (Igbo), French, Russian, Scottish Languages: English, Igbo, Spanish, French, Swahili, Italian. They live in New York. © CYJO

Huang Rierson Family, 2013. Citizenships: American, Belgium. Ancestries: Chinese, All Western Europe except France. Languages: Mandarin, French, English. They live in Beijing. © CYJO

James Family, 2010. Citizenship: American. Ancestries: American Indian, Chinese, Dutch, English, Filipino, German, Irish, Japanese, Prussian. Languages: English, French, Pidgin English (a mix of English, Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino). They live in New York. © CYJO

Kishimoto Family, 2013. Citizenships: Chinese, Japanese. Ancestries: Han Chinese, Japanese, Xibo Chinese. Languages: Mandarin, Japanese, English. They live in Beijing. © CYJO

Valter Family, 2010. Citizenship: American, German. Ancestries: African, American Indian, Bahamian, French, German. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish. They live in New York, © CYJO

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