Macro Photos Of Entire Cityscapes Captured Within A Single Drop Of Rainwater

Blue Mosque – Istanbul

Photographer Dusan Stojancevic depicts metropolises contained within tiny droplets of rainwater. For the past 15 years, he has revealed minuscule cityscapes that hide in the beads of liquid. Towering buildings, expansive bridges, and glittering lights are reflected in the tiny dots sitting on metallic surfaces. They’re visually divorced from the actual piece of architecture they’re echoing and instead offer a surreal look into seemingly alien worlds.

h/t: boredpanda, mymodernmet

Brooklyn Bridge – NYC

“Some of the photos are on film, but most of them are digital, but it is a macro photography technique, not a Photoshop, that is why it has flaws in sharpness and a lot of blurs. But that is something that gives some kind of artistic touch to it. I need to say that I was a bit lazy to do it earlier, but I tend to do this kind of photos when I go to some new place in the World. So I will try to update it on my next journeys.”, Dusan told Bored Panda.

Ada Bridge – Belgrade

T.C. Usce – Belgrade

Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

Empire State Building, Manhattan – NYC

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum – NYC

Grand Central Station – NYC

Flatiron Building – NYC

Grand Central Station – NYC

National Library – NYC

Manhattan – NYC

World Trade Center Transportation Hub – NYC

Empire State Building – NYC

Church of Saint Sava – Belgrade

Manhattan – NYC

National Assembly – Belgrade

Manhattan – NYC

Genex Tower, Western gate of Belgrade

Eastern Gate of Belgrade, Dusan Stojancevic’s neighbourhood and first successful photo

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