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This Artist Uses Music Sheets To Create Stunning Illustrations


According to artist Ursula Doughty: “People often ask me ‘Wow, how long have you been drawing? I want to know how long it takes me to get that good at it too…’ well the answer is I’m drawing ever since. I’m 36 years old, mother, teacher and artist. I love art, I love being creative and have taught myself so many creative things and techniques just by doing or trying them. I’m regularly / daily drawing the last two years. That time I started publishing my art on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and got a lot of response and amazing feedback! Working at the boarding school of a famous Austrian boys choir (where you see sheet music almost everywhere) brought me to the idea to draw on sheet music. And as people love and demand sheet music art it seems I will create more of it.”

More info: Instagram, Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)


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