Then and Now: 31 Amazing Pictures Show The Change Of Madrid Over Time


Here is an amazing collection of pictures that shows then and now of Madrid, created by Ramon Oria.


After the bombing on Preciados Street in Madrid, 1937 and 2012

Bombing in Madrid North station in Spanish Civil War, 1936 and 2012

Bombing in Madrid North station in Spanish Civil War, 1936 and 2012

Bridge of Segovia, Madrid – “Death of a cyclist” scene, 1955 and 2014

Bridge of the French, Madrid, summer 1946 and summer 2014

Callao Cinema, Madrid, 1946 and 2012

Child with flowers, Saint Joseph church, Madrid, 1900 and 2015

Fósforo Street, Madrid, 1966 and 2012

Gran Vía Street, Madrid, 1938 and 2012

Inauguration of Galdos monument in Buen Retiro Park, Madrid, 20th January 1919 and the same day in 2016

King Alfonso XIII inaugurates the demolition works to open Gran Vía, Madrid, 1910 and 2012

King Alfonso XIII inaugurates the demolition works to open Gran Vía, Madrid, 1910 and 2012

León Cathedral – Statue of Neptune, 1910 and 2013

Madrid city tourists in 1954 and 2014

Madrid evacuation campaign, Spanish civil war, 1936 and 2014

North Station Príncipe Pío, Madrid, 1940 and 2012

North Station Príncipe Pío, Madrid, 1941 and 2012

Old and new taxi in Puerta del Sol, Madrid, June 1892 and June 2015

On Gran Vía Street, Madrid, 1937 and 2015

Paseo Virgen del Puerto, Madrid, 1961 and 2012

Plaza de la Opera, Madrid, 1928 and 2015

Refugees fleeing the neighbourhoods closest to the front of the battle, west of Madrid, autumn of 1936 and autumn of 2015

Spanish Civil War – After the bombing on Gran Vía Street, Madrid, 1936 and 2012

Spanish Civil War in Madrid, 1936 and 2012

Surprise in the pool – a battery motorboat!, Madrid, 1969 and 2015

The Bridge of Segovia, Madrid, 1910 and 2014

The Little Colonel poster with Shirley Temple on Gran Vía, Madrid, 1935 and 2014

The modern and fast TALGO train in Norte station, Madrid, 1968 and 2012

Three hours after the assassination attempt on Spanish King Alfonso XIII on Mayor Street, Madrid, 31 May 1906 and 31 May 2015

Warm June day in Buen Retiro Park, Madrid, 1900 and 2015

Woman readig a magazine, Bridge of Segovia, Madrid, 1964 and 2012

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