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In the Heart of Nowhere, These Grain Silos Stand as A Cosy Steel Mansion

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Moses Lake Realty Group

This rural Washington property, modest on the outside but valued at $1.6 million, surprises with its stylish and cozy interior. Initially buying four steel grain silos for over $1.5 million in Odessa, Washington might sound odd, but their transformation into a spacious and modern living space is extraordinary.

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Moses Lake Realty Group

With three silos interconnected, a local hunter has created an impressive summer home featuring a shooting range and a pond that doesn’t freeze, investing $100,000 in the purchase and $500,000 in renovations.

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Moses Lake Realty Group

Zillow highlights the property as ideal for outdoor lovers, boasting a stocked pond, a shooting range, and renovated grain bins perfect for hosting. Advanced security and smart home systems ensure safety and convenience. The property gained fame on Zillow Gone Wild, receiving both admiration and skepticism for its uniqueness.

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Moses Lake Realty Group

Set on 386 acres, close to Spokane, the grain silo home offers app-controlled amenities and seldom sees its owner, prompting the listing for $1.6 million. Despite the unusual choice of living in grain silos, the renovation ensures comfortable temperatures year-round through added insulation.

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Moses Lake Realty Group

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Moses Lake Realty Group

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Moses Lake Realty Group

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Moses Lake Realty Group

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Moses Lake Realty Group

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Moses Lake Realty Group

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Moses Lake Realty Group

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Moses Lake Realty Group

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Moses Lake Realty Group

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Moses Lake Realty Group

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