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Couple Documents How Fast Their Dog Grows In Just 8 Months

Alex Dennison and Ashley Lewis didn’t believe that their German shepherd puppy could grow so quickly. The Australian couple started to document Nasra’s growth at eight weeks and posted the whole series to Reddit after eight months. A few hours later they realized that they had a sensation on their hands. Dennison and Lewis described the early days with Nasra in an online interview.

More info: Reddit (h/t: boredpanda)

8 weeks…

“When she was younger in particular people would stop us in the street and tell us how stunning she is,” the couple told the Daily Mail. They were “always commenting on her size, they’d say ‘Look at those paws, or her head, she’s going to be so big,’ and we’d laugh it off – but yeah, they were right!”

…to 8 months!

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