Japanese Photographer Releases Book Of Breasts And Cats

If there’s one thing you see more of on the internet than boobs, it’s cats.

So innovative Japanese photographer Yuki Aoyama has done what now seems so obvious: combined the two. His collection, released in a book titled ‘Painyan’ (a pun in Japanese on the words for ‘breast’ and ‘meow’), contains 96 pages of beautiful women with cute kitties. The contented cats can be seen pawing at cleavages, settling inside blouses and even resting between two sets of breasts.

More info: Yuki Aoyama, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: dailymail)

The volume features the tagline: “Men lose control in front of breasts, but cats keep their composure.”

Yuki says that the relaxed demeanour of the cats, combined with the soft curves of a woman’s body, provides the ultimate therapeutic experience.

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