Photographer Vitaly Sokolovsky Captures Professional Ballet Dancers On The Streets Of Saint-Petersburg

Participants in the project “Dancing Petersburg” – dancers of various genres – from ballet troupes of the leading cities of the classical artists and ethnic dancers to dance enthusiasts of various contemporary trends.

More info: Facebook, Flickr

Author of the project Petersburg photographer Vitaly Sokolovsky has traveled and worked in different cities, but always found inspiration in the atmosphere of his native city. Similar projects have been in Paris and New York, and now it is the turn to show itself in all its glory, and St. Petersburg.

The photographs of dancers walking beloved city, drink coffee, go shopping, listen to music, get wet in the rain, read newspapers, take pictures and do the dance, every time a unique and inimitable. Vitali had long dreamed of implementing this project and re-tell about St. Petersburg – a city of surprising beauty and bright talented people.

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