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Photographer Captures Ireland’s Essence In Gorgeous Green Sceneries


We told you about Claire Droppert some time ago when we presented some of hergravity work. Falling flowers and flying sand were something totally different than some of her other photography, much of it made traveling. This time, we are presenting the wonderful sceneries of South West Ireland, with the amazing wildlife, sea world and coastlines, and the domestic and wild animals representative of the country.

h/t: wherecoolthingshappen


Although we are sure that there are many more cool things to do and visit in Ireland, the unique outdoors is one of the priorities put on people’s things to do and see in the green country. If you have more suggestions, we would love to hear about that – as for ourselves, we would not mind hanging around the isolated roads, playing with sheep, riding with wild horses and finding sea stars.


“This is a selection of images from the blog I wrote about my trip to South West Ireland. In this blog, I’ve partnered with Adobe and it contains revealing tips and inside information about how I edit my photos through Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop,” Claire wrote on Behance.



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