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A Photographer Takes To The Streets to Snap Pictures Of New Yorkers’ Legs


Photographer Stacey Baker navigates New York with her eyes cast down. But unlike most of us, she’s not looking at a smartphone screen. She’s looking at women’s legs. Baker, the associate photo editor of The New York Times Magazine, launched Citilegs in March of 2013, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a chronicle of the most interesting legs in New York City, photographed from the waist down and captioned only with the cross streets where Baker discovered them.

h/t: citylab


On her Instagram account, @stace_a_lace, she’ll often add the featured woman’s handle, but publicity, Baker says, is not the point of her photographs.


“It’s just the woman’s legs, the wall, and the location,” she tells CityLab. “That’s it.”


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