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Photographer Andrius Burba Captures Stunning Photos Of Dogs From Underneath

He did it again! Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba (previously featured) sees animals in a different way – from underneath through a plane of glass!

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“‘Under-Dogs’ project was born naturally. After seeing that ‘Under-Cats’ results were amazingly interesting there was no doubt that dogs will look interesting too. First dog photoshoot took place in Vilnius at a photo studio. Photos were not shared on the internet due to a second book being published which is called ‘Unter-Hunden’ ( eng. Under-Dogs ). This book will also be published in Germany by a book publisher Riva,” he says.

“For the Under-dogs project I have designed a specially manufactured glass table in order to photograph bigger dogs. After capturing Under-dogs, I decided to go full-time on the following projects of Underlook. In our future plans – Tigers,” Andrius told Bored Panda.

Under-dogs project backstage video:

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