A Completely Fascinating Collection Of Historical Photos

Prepare to be fascinated!

Men working in the rigging of the three-masted steel barque Garthsnaid, 1920:

Thelonius Monk, an American jazz pianist and composer in 1959:

Members of the Harlem Hellfighters in 1919:

Shortest, tallest and fattest men in Europe play cards. 1913:

A 17-year old Frida Kahlo poses for a family photo wearing a traditional gentleman’s 3-piece suit, 1924:

8th grader Kurt Cobain playing drums at an assembly at Montesano High School, 1981:

Private James Hendrix of the 101st Airborne, playing guitar at Fort Campbell Kentucky in 1962:

Earliest known photo of Elvis Presley, with parents Gladys & Vernon in 1938:

Samurai in Training, 1860:

Enlisted men aboard an American ship hear the news of Japan’s surrender. 1945:

A photo taken in secret of the Supreme Court in session, one of only two ever taken, 1932:

The only known photograph of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, before giving his famous address. November 19, 1863:

A large crowd, made up of many African Americans, mourn the death of Abraham Lincoln outside the Courthouse in Vicksburg, Mississippi:

Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin, 1931:

In 1939 20,000 Nazi supporters held a rally in Madison Square Garden:

Times Square, 1957:

Paper boys at 2 A.M. about to start their morning rounds. February 12, 1908:

The Mona Lisa stolen from the Louvre, 1911:

A war-weary French woman pours a British soldier a cup of tea during the fighting following the Allied landings in Normandy, 1944:

Adolf Hitler speaking with Princess Olga of Yugoslavia, 1939:

Prince Charles and Princess Diana on vacation in Bahamas, 1982:

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