Historical Photos Of The World’s Most Iconic Landmarks Before They Were Finished

The world’s most iconic landmarks are a big draw for tourists from around the world. But these historical landmarks are not just tourist attractions, they often serve as a milestone in history or a remarkable event in time.

Washington Monument, ca. 1860
Library of Congress

Photographers love landmarks, especially the challenge to capture it differently from all the average angles and classic shots. Even when these iconic landmarks were build, photographers couldn’t resist to capture it forever. We are glad that they did, because it gives us awesome insights.

h/t: vintag.es

U.S. Capitol Building, 1861
Library of Congress

The Statue of Liberty, 1885
Wikimedia Commons

The Eiffel Tower, 1888
Public Domain

Tower Bridge, London, 1892
Public Domain

Flatiron Building, 1902
Library Of Congress

Manhattan Bridge, 1909
Library Of Congress

Lincoln Memorial, 1920
The U.S. National Archives

Chrysler Building, 1930

Christ The Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, 1931
Creative Commons

The Empire State Building, 1931
Lewis Wickes Hine / New York Public Library

Hoover Dam, 1932
Library Of Congress

Mount Rushmore, 1933
U.S. National Park Service

The Golden Gate Bridge, 1936
Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District

The Atomium, 1958
The Observist

Sydney Opera House, ca. 1960
Cultural Collections

Space Needle, 1961
Seattle Municipal Archives

Gateway Arch, St. Louis, 1965

World Trade Center, 1970
New York Times

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