Photographer Karen Jerzyk Paints Entire Rooms A Single Color For Surreal Shots

Photographer Karen Jerzyk turned abandoned spaces into dark fairy tales after the death of her father.


After getting into trouble with that series, she created Colors, a series of fantasy scenes photographed in rooms dominated by a single color.

“Back in 2014, I had gotten arrested for trespassing — an ‘activity’ I would often partake in as most of my photos are set in a ‘decayed’ scene,” Jerzyk tells PetaPixel. “I was scared and stressed out. I instantly became the victim of bullying and harassment [on the Internet].”

More info: Karen Jerzyk, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: petapixel)


“The comment that deeply resonated with me was one that stated ‘maybe she will finally stop taking photos.’ I had a couple of months to wait and lay low before my court date, but I wanted to show people that I don’t just stop doing something when things go bad.”










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