Greta Oto – The Glasswinged Butterfly

The Glasswinged butterfly (Greta oto) is a brush-footed butterfly, and is a member of the subfamily Danainae, tribe Ithomiini, subtribe Godyridina.

The wings are translucent, with a wingspan of 5.6 to 6.1 cm (2.2 to 2.4 in). Its most common English name is glasswinged butterfly, and its Spanish name is “espejitos”, which means “little mirrors”. Indeed, the tissue between the veins of its wings looks like glass, as it lacks the colored scales found in other butterflies. The opaque borders of its wings are dark brown sometimes tinted with red or orange, and its body is dark in color.

Adults range from Mexico through Panama. The Greta oto may also be found in Venezuela, as there are photographs taken in the mountain area around Caracas.

Photo by Benjamin Pender.

Photo by Jaco Visser.

Photo by

Photo by Steven R. House.

Photo by Linda De Volder.

Photo by !Crush!

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