Winners & Finalists Of Street Photography Awards 2021

Oblivious City: Series Winner by Dimitri Mellos

Here are the winners and finalists of Street photography awards 2021 conducted by the Street Photographers Foundation.

Street Photographers is a foundation that is entirely dedicated to street photography. It is a place where you will find stories about people from the street and get some tips from them. The intent is to provide a platform for emerging photographers, artists, and designers to showcase their works to create opportunities and open new doors.

The subjects explored are broad, in terms of concepts, styles, and techniques. We want to explore the limits and possibilities. We are committed to featuring photographs, stories, essays and art of the highest caliber by emerging young talents alongside celebrated professionals in search of an outlet for their work.

More: Street Photographers Foundation, Instagram h/t: 121clicks

Goat auction in Nizwa: Single Image Winner by Maude Bardet

Through my Eyes: Finalist by Bartosz Świątnicki

Q Train: Finalist by Paul Kessel

Eiffel Matrioska: Finalist by Andrea Pier

Untitled: Finalist by Roman Lazarev

Kebab Feast Take Away: Finalist by Alan Burles

After a bus journey: Finalist by Akib Amjad

Untitled: Finalist by Filip Machač

Postcards from Fryslân: Finalist by Bouwe Brouwer

Welcome to Hollywood: Finalist by Andy Hann

Untitled: Finalist by Sina Shiri

Untitled: Finalist by Ilya Nikolayev

Women: Finalist by David Fidalgo

Dog got wings: Finalist by Subhran Karmakar

I See You: Finalist by Ambrus Deak

Walking Around: Finalist by Giuseppe Volpe

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