Photographer Documents Stay-At-Home Dads And Their Kids In Sweden


Johan Bävman is a talented Swedish photojournalist, who worked as a staff photographer at Sydsvenskan, one of the largest newspapers in Sweden. When Johan‘s son Viggo was born three years ago, he decided to take a deeper look at his country’s extremely generous parental leave policies.

More info: Johan Bävman (h/t: photogrist, ufunk)

Johan Ekengård, 38, product developer at Sandvik

“In order to promote a more equal sharing of parental leave between men and women, a so called ‘equality bonus’ has also been introduced. The more days that are shared between parents, the higher the bonus,” Bävman explaines.

Jonas Feldt, 31, job centre administrator

For his series “Swedish Dads”, Johan Bävman captured and interviewed 45 fathers he met through Sweden’s open daycares and special parent groups. He is looking for a total of 60 fathers to photograph, to symbolize the 60 days of parental leave they’re allowed in Sweden.

Ingemar Olsén, 37, IT consultant

The current system of Sweden allows parents to stay at home with their child during 480 days.

Göran Sevelin, 27, student

Andreas Bergström, 39, senior probation officer

Juan Cardenal, 34, industrial-design student

Loui Kuhlau, 28, artist

Marcus Pranter, 29, wine salesman

Martin Gagner, 35, administrator at Malmö University

Michael Winblad, 35, self-employed

Ola Larsson, 41, purchaser

Samad Kohigoltapeh, 32, construction engineer

Tjeerd van Waijenburg, 34, product developer at Ikea

Urban North, 32, infrastructure consultant

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