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“Explore The Lost Land”: The Superb Digital Concept Artworks By Bastien Grivet

The hugely talented Bastien Grivet is a matte painter, concept artist and composer based in Montpellier, France.

We have a selection of stunning sci-fi and fantasy themed images by the artist below. You’ll need to click into the thumbnails to see the full splendor of these cinematic artworks and to appreciate the detail and work that has gone into each of these creations. Bastien Grivet’s client list includes top video game developers, movie studios – Activision, Applibot, Blur Studio, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. His work has also won awards and been published in and on almost every digital art publication and website including Advanced Photoshop, Exposé, Concept Art World, Imagine FX and 3D Total.

More info: Bastien Grivet, Artstation, Behance, DeviantArt, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook

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