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Relatable Comics About Women’s Fashion

According to Hanna, the creator of the webcomics @bloome_comics:”Girls are always complex about their appearance: they are too thin, then too fat. We torture ourselves with diets and don’t leave gyms, instead of one day going to the mirror and saying to our reflection: “You are damn attractive!”

And this is the most effective way to overcome the feeling of insecurity – to accept yourself and your body. Girls are always special in every act. This is a unique “patented” way of moving through life, which men can only understand and forgive.”

More: Instagram, Facebook, Patreon h/t: boredpanda

“In my comics, I decided to play on all the peculiarities of the fashion industry, that are encountered by women all over the world. All comics are scenarios taken from real life, so many girls recognize themselves in them.”

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