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“The Chronicle Of Unregistered Processes”: Contemporary Social Art By Mila Arbuzova

Mila Arbuzova spent her childhood in the downtown of Saint Petersburg. Her family lived in a block of flats in Grazhdanskaya Street where, according to Dostoevsky’s famous novel “Crime and Punishment”, the old female moneylender killed by Rodion Raskolnikov used to live.

In Soviet times guides often showed foreigners the place where the legendary murder occurred. Maybe this location of the native house made an influence on the future artist. The art work of Mila Arbuzova is essentially “Saint-Petersburg’s”: lyrical, strict, sometimes – tragicomocal, philosophical, serious and absurdist in the same moment. It includes a wide range of subjects: the sarcastic sketches in the spirit of “social art” as well as the magical fantastic pictures together with free compositions combining parts of realistic images in a surrealistic manner.

More info: Mila Arbuzova

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