There Is A Subway Lower Than Hell: The Superb Dark And Sinister Artworks By Vergvoktre – Design You Trust

There Is A Subway Lower Than Hell: The Superb Dark And Sinister Artworks By Vergvoktre

Vergvoktre makes paintings in charcoal that feel like staring into the abyss. It’s as if the most harrowing, bleak black metal you ever heard became so powerful that it created tangible pieces of artwork with its icy, forlorn sounds.

It reminds me that in some dark corner of Russia there may be lurking a visual genius like Vergvoktre. His web presence is sparse and mysterious, which makes his work all the more intriguing. I feel like if I keep looking too long, my soul will be purged from my corporeal body and sucked into the blackness of Vergvoktre mind. Enjoy his breathtaking work below…

More: DeviantArt h/t: cvltnation

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