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The Ministry Of Ferrous Metallurgy: Modern Russia In Absolutely Brilliant Illustrations By Alexandra Zheleznova

Alexandra Zheleznova paints a world, where modern Russian reality is interwoven with mysticism, industrial aesthetics and the motives of the German Middle Ages: luxury vehicles, smoking chimneys of Siberian factories, snow, oil, blood and monsters with the heads of dogs.

The web page of the project “Ministry of Ferrous Metallurgy” may not be understood easily. There are characters, with an established history. For example, there are the minister of ferrous metallurgy Mr. Aizen, his deputy Mr. Octane and Mrs. Oil. They wear modern clothes and resemble ordinary Russian officials in formal suits, long coats and traditional Southern hats. Although though they drive around on snow-covered industrial landscapes in black Mercedes, they also ride horses and fight with monsters on swords.

More: The Ministry Of Ferrous Metallurgy (ru)

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