Photographer Hires Low-Cost Retouchers On Fiverr, And The Results Are Hilarious!

Photographer Hires Fiverr Retouchers

Calgary, Canada-based photographer Irene Rudnyk recently learned about retouching services available on freelance website Fiverr. Curious to see the quality of work done by unbelievably low-cost freelancers, she decided to do a little experiment: Rudnyk hired three retouchers at three different price points – $0.25, $5, and $10 – and then gave them the same task.

“I would like if you made this image very vibrant, warm. Clean skin, bright eyes, and make her hair look more red, so it matches the background. Also, I trust your judgment on making this image look beautiful.”

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When the images came back, suffice to say, she got what she paid for.

Here’s the $0.25 retouching job:

This is the $5 one:

This is the $10 picture:

And finally, the one retouched by Rudnyk herself:

The verdict here is pretty obvious, that if you want quality work done – whether it’s retouching, design, copywriting, or what not – it’s best if you do the work yourself. Or get a professional whose rates are not too good to be true.

“I personally would not use this website and I would not recommend this website to any professional photographers out there who are looking for retouch services,” said Rudnyk. “For $10 for one picture, I think the price is actually pretty steep for what you’re getting.”

You can watch Rudnyk’s experiment in the video posted below:

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