40 Jaw-Dropping Cosplays At Comic Con New York 2019 By Photographer Ali Reza Malik

Mario, Borderlands-Style Cell Shaded

Comic Con New York 2019 has passed, but cosplay never stops. Pictures of cosplayers in their favorite superhero (or supervillain) attire from this year’s NYCC are still surfacing on the Internet.

Ali Reza Malik, a Brooklyn-based photographer, is the artist behind a handful of iconic cosplay photographs from this year’s Comic Con New York. Ali’s work focuses primarily on South Asian communities, exploring the different forms of portraiture with the aim of promoting the visibility of these and other minority communities in the US. He may have taken a short break from his usual work once at Comic Con New York, but his camera had no rest.

More: Ali Reza Malik, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

Aang & Avatar Korra

Ali traces his photographic roots back to the mid aughts, when he got hooked on art submission websites and blogs: “[This] threw me on the path of design, music, writing, and photography (instead of my major—finance) by force-feeding inspiration for hours on end each day.”


It didn’t stop there. Ali’s passion for all things media was further fostered by a close friend. “It was only further perpetuated by a close friend of mine during that time—a constantly optimistic presence who never left her camera at home, even when we (bitterly) asked her to shelve it for a night,” jokes Ali.

Read full interview with Ali on Bored Panda.



Landlady From Kung Fu Hustle

Groot, Gamora & Yondu



Newton Scamander

Captain America

Shy Guys


Luiji (Luija Board)

Captain Jack Sparow

Mario & Luigi, Samurais

Venom Bowsette

Lara Croft

Katana & Joker



Cruella De Vil

Scarlet Witch


Female Pennywise

Kilmonger & Black Panther

Princess Zelda

The Good Fairy

Princess Leia



The Wicked Witch Elphaba


Alladin, Jasmine, & Jafar

Samurai Gengi


Jane Foster & Lady Loki

Powerline & Roxanne

Space Ghost

Shy Guys, Domino & Storm

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