Stunning Winners Of The 2018 Dog Photographer Of The Year Contest

‘The lady of the mystery forest’. Dog Photographer of the Year 2018 Overall Winner and Oldies Category 1st Place Winner, Monica van der Maden, Netherlands

The Kennel Club has received almost 10,000 entries came in from over 70 different countries around the world, including the UK, China, Israel, Russia, Argentina and South Africa for it’s “The Dog Photographer of the Year 2018”. Monica van der Maden from the Netherlands has been chosen as the overall winner of the competition with an image of Noa the Great Dane seemingly alone in a forest, which placed first in the ‘Oldies’ category, the first time an image from this particular group has been picked as an overall winner. Monica began taking photos of dogs eighteen years ago and has been professionally snapping man’s best friend for the best part of a decade.

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‘On a Rainy Day’. Oldies Category 2nd Place Winner Rachele Z. Cecchini, Austria

‘Resting’. Oldies Category 3rd Place Winner Philip Wright, United Kingdom

‘Little Ceylin’. Puppies Category 1st Place Winner Klaus Dyba, Germany

‘Sticking Together’. Puppies Category 2nd Place Winner Charlie Nunn, United States of America

‘Let’s call it Roly Poly Puppy’. Puppies Category 3rd Place Winner Robyn Pope, United States of America

‘Reassurance’. Assistance Dogs Charity Category 1st Place Winner Dean Mortimer, United Kingdom

‘The Magic of Reading’. Assistance Dogs Charity Category 2nd Place Winner Maria Cristina Nadalin, Brazil

‘A Veterans Best Friend’. Assistance Dogs Charity Category 3rd Place Winner Craig Turner-Bullock, New Zealand

‘I’ll catch you’. Dogs at Play Category 1st Place Winner Elinor Roizman, Israel

‘Flying Free’. Dogs at Play Category 2nd Place Winner Steffi Cousins, United Kingdom

‘Snowy Shenanigans’. Dogs at Play Category 3rd Place Winner Sarah Beeson, United States of America

‘Wayne’s Team’. Dogs at Work 1st Place Winner Tracy Kidd, United Kingdom

‘I’ve got your back’. Dogs at Work 3rd Place Winner Ian Squire, United Kingdom

‘Springer in the Mist’. Dogs at Work 2nd Place Winner Richard Lane, United Kingdom

‘Dolce far niente on a lovely afternoon’. Man’s Best Friend 1st Place Winner Joana Matos, Portugal

‘Divine Connection’. Man’s Best Friend 2nd Place Winner Sherilyn Vineyard, United States of America

‘Home’. Man’s Best Friend 3rd Place Winner Cheryl Murphy, United Kingdom

‘Glenturret Autumn Gold’. Portrait 1st Place Winner Carol Durrant, United Kingdom

‘Waiting Beauty’. Portrait 2nd Place Winner Katarzyna Siminiak, Poland

‘A Winters Storm’. Portrait 3rd Place Winner Michael M Sweeney, United Kingdom

‘Found My Way Home’. Rescue Dogs Charity Category 1st Place Winner Sonya Kolb, United States of America

‘Happy Girl Rescued’. Rescue Dogs Charity Category 2nd Place Winner Leslie Plesser, United States of America

‘Over the sea of fog’. Rescue Dogs Charity Category 3rd Place Winner Christina Roemmelt, Austria

‘My Best Friend Roxy’. Young Pup Photographer (aged 11 years and under) 1st Place Winner Mariah Mobley, United States of America Age 11

‘Dinner?’. Young Pup Photographer (aged 11 years and under) 2nd Place Winner Sienna Wemyss, United Kingdom Age 10

‘Monty’. Young Pup Photographer (aged 11 years and under) 3rd Place Winner Maisie Mitford, United Kingdom Age 11

‘One heart, one family’. I Love Dogs Because… (Ages 12 to 17) 1st Place Winner Tamara Kedves, Hungary

‘Simply a ball’. I Love Dogs Because… (Ages 12 to 17) 2nd Place Winner Elise Finney, United Kingdom

‘Hide and Seek’. I Love Dogs Because… (Ages 12 to 17) 3rd Place Winner Kirsten van Ravenhorst, Netherlands

‘Black Velvet’. Judges’ Special Mention Dogs at Play category Alice Loder, United Kingdom

‘Sand Monster!’. Judges’ Special Mention Dogs at Play category Darren Hall, United Kingdom

‘Water Work’. Judges’ Special Mention Dogs at Play category Leslie Plesser, United States of America

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