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Daredevil Photographer Captures Incredible Pictures Of Sharks In The Middle Of A Wave

Sean Scott is a Gold Coast photographer. For more than twenty years, he takes pictures of the magnificent environment he lives in. Dreamy beaches, marine life, beautiful landscapes or breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, among others.

As he was having a family road trip in Western Australia, he was watching the swell forecast and was heading to the Red Bluff location, an amazing surf spot. Sean initially planned to photograph the waves when he noticed a rare sight: hundreds of sharks feasting on baitfish. To immortalize that moment, he took out his drone and DSLR camera and tried to capture every moment from different angles. The result is incredible pictures in a see-through crystal clear water. One of them especially, incredibly shows two sharks, in the middle of a wave, photographed at the right time.

More: Sean Scott, Instagram, Facebook h/t: fubiz

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