A Photographer Tested The Concentration Of Several Pairs Of Dogs As He Captured Their Reactions To Treat Time In A Series Of Shots – Design You Trust

A Photographer Tested The Concentration Of Several Pairs Of Dogs As He Captured Their Reactions To Treat Time In A Series Of Shots

Christian Vieler (previously featured) of Waltrop, Germany, has been a professional dog photographer since 2016. He came up with the idea of snapping two dogs catching treats simultaneously.

The series of images, published in September 2017, show dogs including a pair of Labradors, two Border Collies and a couple of Basset Hounds as they hope to become the ultimate good boy.

“I tried to catch the faces of dogs while they are trying to catch a treat in midair, looking shocked, confused, joyful or sad”, Vieler said. “My favorite image shows two Basset Hounds looking expectant toward the camera”, he added. “Their eyes are telling a story, demanding and a little bit of disbelief. I am grateful to have the chance to work as a professional dog photographer. After shooting Snapshots for four years now, I still enjoy every shoot I do”.

More info: Christian Vieler, 500px, Instagram, Facebook

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