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Poetic Black And White Photography Series By Theo Peekstok

Theo Peekstok is a talented photographer based in Rotterdam. It is also within this city that some of his photographs are taken. His series Pure, is composed of black and white, minimalist photographs that stimulate the imagination of the viewers.

More: Theo Peekstok, Instagram h/t: fubiz

«In my work, I am always looking for stillness, for some kind of peace, for emptiness and space in the image but not without the human presence», he explains.

The key elements present in his photos are enough to create an atmosphere of its own. About the title chosen for his series, he defines, in fact, a certain idea of «reality».

As Theo explains «No staged moments but real images from daily life, stopped by the camera and filled in by humans. But pure also stands for black and white; no distracting colors in the image, just flowing gray shades and hard contrasts in black and white that give character to the image and allow the viewer to create a story for himself.»

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