Lovely Vintage Photos of Rock Stars Posing With Their Kitty Cats

Johnny Ramone

Who doesn’t like rock stars and cute kitty cats?

Though their contributions rarely receive credit, pets have played their part across pop history. An animal’s presence can offer comfort, laughter, inspiration, or annoyance, and earning a pet’s affection can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Naturally, those emotions can’t help but bleed into an artist’s work.


Patti Smith

But owning a pet is also a great responsibility, and for musicians who spend much of their time on the road, bringing a furry friend into the family can lead to difficulties. What do you do with the little critter while on tour? Can it come along? If so, how? Will it be forced to stay in the car or bus?…

Behind many great musicians exists a great pet… Here’s a collection of 20 adorable vintage photos of rock stars posing with their beloved cats:

Debbie Harry

John Lennon

Janis Joplin

Tom Waits

Brian Eno

Keith Moon

Joey Ramone

Johnny Cash

Frank Zappa

Joan Baez

Freddie Mercury

Bob Dylan

Phil Collins

Marianne Faithfull

David Bowie

Kurt Cobain

George Harrison

Syd Barrett

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