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Magical Macro Worlds of Georgi Georgiev

According to Georgi Georgiev: “I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am passion photographer and traveler. I love street and travel photography but my big passion is macro photography. I am spending all the time I have in nature, capturing the amazing macro world.”

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“Since I started with Photography it became my life. I am graduated in Ecology in Sofia University. My ecology degree helped me to unlock my photography passion to small creatures. I started to take photos when I was student. During the researches and my education of invertebrates, their habitats and behavior, I was inspired by their colors, shapes and the pure beauty of them and their environment. Photography helps me to present their world as I see it. I love nature. All my photos are in natural environment and on natural light. To me the bokeh and elements which it includes are the most important thing for my photographs. It makes the whole atmosphere of the photo. ”

“Through my photos I want to show the fairy macro world as I see it in my imagination. I think that creativity is a figment of imagination. These are much more than just a photos of animals and their environment. These are my mind’s photos. The most important factor for me when I choose places in nature where to take photos is the light. I use only natural sun light, especially at sunrise and sunset hours. ”

“I have some favourite places where I am photographing. One of them is in Strandzha mountain. There are unique flora and fauna with rare and endemic species. The mountain is located next to the sea, Black Sea. I have the luck that I have a house in a village there. The village is between Black Sea and Strandzha mountain. I am spending a lot of time there because it gives me great opportunity to take photos in nature. On one side you have extensive meadows and on the other side the old oak forests.”

“For most of photos I spend a lot of time to capture them. Sometimes it takes me several hours to take a photo of one spider or butterfly for example. I am lying on the ground, crawling and following my subject, waiting for the exact moment. The exact moment for me is a combination of factors like good background, light, position and others. Sometimes of course you make the photo for a couple of minutes and sometimes you sneak and waiting the moment for hours and the spider for example hide somewhere or butterfly fly out and you miss your chance. But that doesn’t matter because when you lie down in the bushes you enter in another world. One virgin, beautiful and magical world. And the hours become moments. ”

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