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Artist Illustrates Honest Feelings That We Keep To Ourselves In 22 Candy Heart Comics

Some wear their hearts on their sleeves for the entire world to see. Others hide their emotions much better and keep their thoughts secret. However, no matter who we are, what we do, and how well we may hide it, we all have inner monologues that reveal our true feelings.

Cartoonist Tommy Siegel draws witty comics featuring candy hearts that resonate very well with people because they show our honest feelings which we might be scared to share with everyone else. A lot of us would probably agree that we’ve had some of these thoughts running through our minds at least once or twice in our lives. Upvote your favorite cartoons, keep scrolling and let us know in the comments what you enjoyed most about the comics.

“I hail from Richmond, Virginia. But for the last ten years, I’ve been based in Brooklyn, New York,” Tommy told Bored Panda in an interview. “I’ve been a full-time musician for most of my adult life in the band Jukebox the Ghost, so cartooning as a serious pursuit is still pretty new for me!”

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