“Pioneering The Space Frontier” – An Otherworldly Art Of Robert McCall

The works of Robert McCall are a rich tapestry that encompasses more than just the history of space exploration and visions of the future.

First Men on the Moon

McCall is a talent whose depth and richness of spirit are translated into a special invitation. His work invites one to ride on a spectrum of color, brilliance, and imagination-to become part of the twisting kaleidoscope that is our ever-expanding knowledge of the universe.

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Apollo-Soyuz Linkup

Robert McCall has done more than any other artist to enable Americans to visualize their nation’s presence in space. He has illustrated all of America ‘s finest moments, from the first manned space flight of Alan Shepard aboard Mercury 1 to Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the Moon; from the U.S.-Soviet joint Apollo-Soyuz mission to the most recent launches of the space shuttle.

Columbia’s Victorious Return

McCall has documented the NASA space program for more than thirty-five years. NASA’s provision of this ‘front row seat’ has allowed him to personally witness mankind’s progress and turn it into the magnificent renderings that link us together as residents of Planet Earth.

A Window To The Universe

In addition to being NASA’s visual historian, McCall has also sparked our collective imagination with regard to what may become our future history. Serving as conceptual artist for the entertainment industry, he worked on films such as Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Star Trek movies and Disney’s The Black Hole.

Astronaut Edward H. White II First American To Walk in Space

Exploring The Space Frontier


Return To The Moon

Cultivating The Moon

Eye In The Lunar Sky

Another Busy Day On Mars

Searching For Life

Pioneering The Space Frontier

Megastructure, 21st Century

Undersea Horizons

Metropolis 2050 #3

City Center, 2050

Metropolis 2050 #4

Safe Harbor

Wyoming Highjinks

Aerospace Port



Desert Nocturne

Grand Canyon From The South Rim


Valley of A Billion Stars

A Place Apart

Apotheosis of Technolog

Accepting The Challenge of Flight

Hypersonic Airliner

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